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Save the Confluence
Campaign Updates MB
Save the Confluence Campaign Update, June - July, 2014 0.5
Media Advertisements (PDF) MB

Navajo Times

Save the Confluence: Why are profiteers still pushing Grand Canyon Escalade? 3.6
Confluence Partners LLC: It's Time for Grand Canyon Escalade (July 24, 2014) 0.1

Navajo-Hopi Observer

Confluence Partners LLC: It's Time to work together & do what's best for the families in the Bennett Freeze! (July 25, 2014) 0.1
Colorado River Management
Description (PDF) MB
A New Grand Canyon: Re-examining Glen Canyon Dam Operations 0.3
The Layperson’s Guide to Arizona Water (University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center) 2.3
Developing a Methodology for Identifying and Prioritizing At-Risk Water Resources for the Coconino Plateau (Arizona Water Institute Project No. 08-48) 0.4
Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council Strategic Plan, January 2011 – 2013 0.01
Role of Size, Condition, and Lipid Content in the Overwinter Survival of Age-0 Colorado Squawfish 1.0
Thermal Requirements of the Bonytail (Gila elegans): Application to Propagation
and Thermal-Regime Management of Rivers of the Colorado River Basin
Celebrating Arizona's Rivers: The Colorado River 0.7
Grand Canyon Protection Act 0.1
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — Opening Brief (Challenging Glen Canyon Dam Operations) 1.8
Desired Future Conditions for the Colorado River Ecosystem in Relation to Glen Canyon Dam 0.5
Recommended Information Needs and Program Elements for a Proposed AMP Socioeconomic Program 0.1
Scoping Comments on the Long-Term Experimental and Management Plan EIS (01/31/12) 0.5
Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program - Strategic Plan 0.1
CRMP Comment Letter to Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Alston (10/30/2002) 0.3
USFW Biological Opinion on Glen Canyon Dam Operations 4.1
Comments on Final EIS for the Colorado River Management Plan 0.2
Colorado River Lawsuit: Grand Canyon Trust Memorandum of Support of Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgement. Grand Canyon Trust vs. Bureau of Reclamation, 02/15/08 0.2
Grand Canyon Trust Comments on Colorado River EIS, February 2007 0.3
Colorado River Basin Management Study: A Report to the Bureau of Reclamation April 1997(Executive Summary) 0.1
Colorado River Basin Drought Report 1.3
Hydropower Economics (report by David Marcus on Glen Canyon Dam operations) 0.1
Pathology and failure in the design and implementation of adaptive management (Journal of Environmental Management) 0.2
Date Source Article / Book
07/08/02 High Country News Re-opening Glen Canyon’s Floodgates
06/12/08 Arizona Daily Sun Watchdog Group Says Interior Dept. Ignoring Grand Canyon Science
2007 National Acadamies Press Colorado River Basin Water Management: Evaluating and Adjusting to Hydroclimatic Variability
Long-Term Experimental and Management Plan Environmental Impact Statement
Glen Canyon Dam 2012 High-Flow Experiment
Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study — Executive Summary (PDF)
Non-Native Fish Control — Executive Summary (PDF)
Natural Quiet
Description (PDF) MB
“Straining for Silence” (Advocate article) 0.1
1994 GCT Position letter to NPS 0.2
06/20/11: DEIS comments to NPS by GCT, NPCA, EDF, and GCWC 0.3
Date Source Article
01/28/08 FAA Grand Canyon Overflights
06/26/09 National Parks Conservation Association Protect Natural Sounds: Inappropriate Air Tours Threaten Park Experience
N/A FAA Grand Canyon National Park Special Flight Rules Area Poster
N/A Sierra Club Helicopter tours and aircraft over the Grand Canyon wilderness?!
Spring 2011 YouTube Grand Canyon Quiet
Providing Water
Description (PDF) MB
North Central Arizona Water Demand Study (Executive Summary) 0.3
University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center: The Water-Energy Nexus report (Arroyo 2010) 0.9
Other Topics
Description (PDF) MB
Ecological Impacts of Roads in the Greater Grand Canyon: An Executive Summary 0.1
Ecological Impacts of Roads in the Greater Grand Canyon: An Annotated Bibliography 0.1
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