Support for Greater Canyonlands Monument


Canyonlands NP Green River overlook
Photo by Neal Herbert

Canyonlands Give everyone a voice in the matter

From Salt Lake Tribune November 15, 2012

There is, indeed, a strong argument for designating 1.4 million acres of federal land around Canyonlands National Park in southwest Utah as a national monument. The fragile beauty of the area is, as claimed, threatened by everything from irresponsible off-road vehicle traffic to possible mining and drilling activity.

But it would be needlessly provocative of President Obama to heed Tuesday’s call from the Outdoor Industry Association and exercise his unilateral power to so designate such a large swash of Utah.  Click here for the entire editorial.

McEntee: In my wildest dreams, I see a Greater Canyonlands Monument

Column: Obama could preserve its limitless majesty for a limitless future.

From the Salt Lake Tribune/Peg McEntee November 16

I have a dream that President Barack Obama whips out a pen, signs the order creating the Greater Canyonlands National Monument and thus preserves some of the most beautiful lands in the world.

I said it was a dream. Obama has far more on his mind than that. But maybe one day, before his last term is over, he’ll consider that designation for 1.4 million acres surrounding Canyonlands National Park.

In so doing, he would thrill outdoor enthusiasts and the people who earn their living in the industry. He’d also make even more political enemies than he already has in Utah, where legislators are threatening, futilely, to seize 30 million federal acres within the state.

But think what would be preserved if the president were to create the monument — fantastic geological features, ancient ruins, rock art, cryptobiotic soil and the wild land and sky that make southeastern Utah a place of limitless majesty. Click for entire editorial.

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