EPA proposes additional pollution controls for Navajo Generating Station

Regional Administrator Jared Blumenfeld has signed a notice proposing additional nitrogen oxide (NOx) controls on Navajo Generating Station (NGS). This pollutant contributes to visibility impairment in 11 protected national parks and wilderness areas surrounding NGS.

EPA is proposing that Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART) is a plant-wide emission limit for NOx of 0.055 lb/MMBtu by 2018, which will reduce NOx emissions by 84%.  This can be achieved with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) in combination with the existing LNB/SOFA (low-NOx burners) the owners of NGS voluntarily installed between 2009 and 2011. We are also proposing an Alternative to BART that provides more time for the installation of new controls to allow the owners of NGS to complete lease and other rights-of-way negotiations. The Alternative to BART relies on emission reduction credits from the early installation of the Low-NOx burners.

EPA has also evaluated, and is requesting comments, on two other alternatives that require additional emission reductions over longer timeframes in this notice.  EPA may consider a longer timeframe for installing SCR if the owners of NGS achieve sufficient additional NOx reductions.

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