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People Power - Take Action

People Power - Take Action

Take Action

Add your voice to one of our petitions. Help protect places like the Grand Canyon from uranium mining, or ask the president to designate a new national monument. See how you can take action ›

People Power - Getting Much Needed Work Done New

People Power - Getting Much Needed Work Done New
Grand Canyon Trust

Getting Much Needed Work Done

Our on-the-ground projects take ordinary people to extraordinary places. Thanks to several hundred volunteers—retired teachers, doctors, and salesmen alike—we get an unbelievable amount of work done. Volunteer with us ›

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Our Volunteer Community

Our volunteers come from near and far, all in the name of protecting the Colorado Plateau! Meet a few of our volunteers:

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People Power - Action Alerts

Knowledge is power. Receive action alerts, updates, and conservation news.

Mobilizing People - Why It's Important

Why It's Important

From hands-on restoration to engagement in politics, we see how citizen involvement results in positive action on the ground. Indeed, a groundswell of support is needed to solve the complex issues we face. 

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