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  • Baya overlooking one of the retreat’s iconic vistas. Baya can trace her family ties to the area back 14 generations.

    Kelly Fowler
  • The old logo greeted guests at the entrance to Shash Diné Eco-Resort, which is also a working ranch.

  • The Shash Diné business model allows Baya to work from home, where she can herd sheep and raise her children near family.

Shash Diné Eco-Retreat and Glamping B&B

Owners and operators Baya and Paul Meehan had been using a Microsoft Word clip art paw as the logo for their glamorous camping retreat 12 miles south of Page, on the Navajo Nation. After two days of intense artistic collaboration, they came away with an inviting new logo for their traditional hogan bed and breakfast. Designed by Randy Barton, it incorporates the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of a hogan, and a bear (“shash” in Diné), which gives the resort its name.

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