Advocate Fall/Winter 2016 - Grand Canyon Bobcats (Header)

Advocate Fall/Winter 2016 - Grand Canyon Bobcats (Meet Joanna)

Advocate Fall/Winter 2016 - Grand Canyon Bobcats (Meet Joanna)
Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Johanna Dushlek, 72

Profession: Retired Radiologic Technician/Medical Assistant
Volunteer Role: Wildlife Photo Reviewer
Hometown: Born in Roswell, NM; lives in Saratoga Springs, NY
Volunteer Since: 2015 
Total Hours Donated: 105

Advocate Fall/Winter 2016 - Grand Canyon Bobcats (Text)

Why I Volunteer with the Grand Canyon Trust

At 72 years young, I’ve traveled the world and seen some wondrous sights, but I have not yet visited the Grand Canyon. After seeing an exceptionally beautiful photo of the canyon online, I clicked a link and discovered stories of citizen scientists working to preserve and protect the region and its flora and fauna. I emailed the Trust asking if I could possibly volunteer from 2,447 miles away, and they said yes! By volunteering from my computer at home in New York, I have now experienced the Grand Canyon region in a way that no one could have imagined 60 years ago. 

My Long-Distance Volunteer Project

I scan photos from the wildlife cameras set up at springs on the North Rim Ranches and make notes of what I see. It’s a privilege that very few people get. Even when no animals are noted, I love being up close and personal with these places through the eye of the camera, watching a small plant grow larger and flower and seeing the light change on the canyon walls from sunrise to sunset. I like to tell people it’s akin to having my own personal time machine!

Favorite Volunteer Moment

As I was scrolling through photos from one of the camera sites, a beautiful bobcat appeared in the distance. It came in and out of view. Suddenly, a strange image appeared. As usual, I sat back from my laptop and refocused my eyes. I was ready to note the image as an unknown, but then I realized it was the huge eye of the bobcat looking directly into the lens of the camera. I actually jumped back, and then laughed. It took me a minute to remember that I was safe at home, sitting in my chair!

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