Collier-Houk team produce radio series on Four Forest Restoration Initiative

Arizona ponderosa pine forest

The ponderosa forests of northern Arizona are at risk, caught at the convergence of a century of fire prevention, encroachment by urban and rural properties, and a changing climate.  The Grand Canyon Trust and many other organizations have been actively forging a solution that would restore forest health, prevent catastrophic fires, and offer economic opportunity.  Michael Collier and Rose Houk prepared a four-part radio series about the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) that aired on Flagstaff’s NPR station KNAU in November 2012.

Part 1 defines past history and problems within the forest:

Part 2 traces the history of 4FRI:>

Part 3 discusses the unlikely 4FRI partners:

Part 4 describes what restoration will look like:

A big “thanks” to Michael Collier and Rose Houk for their work informing the public on this important issue.

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