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    Protecting the Grand Canyon from a Tourist Tramway

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    Ted Grussing
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    Restoring the Ponderosa Pine Forests of Northern Arizona

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    Tom Bean
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    Creating Greater Canyonlands National Monument

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    Tim Peterson

Since 1985, the Grand Canyon Trust has worked to protect and restore the Colorado Plateau.

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Tribes creating a shared conservation agenda

Building a sustainable energy future

Protective solutions tailored to place

Watershed restoration at a scale that works



Obsolete and unsafe regulations allow uranium mining companies to play Russian roulette with America’s most treasured public lands, including the Grand Canyon.

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Navajo Nation president Ben Shelly will be leaving office this week, but even with Escalade’s champion out of play, the Confluence Partners have not yet backed down.

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"How can I set up a drip irrigation system at home?" One Hopi elder wanted to know.

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