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North Rim Ranches - Building long-lasting collaborative

North Rim Ranches - Building long-lasting collaborative
Grand Canyon Trust

Building long-lasting collaborative research and stewardship

Our Research and Stewardship Partnership is a proving ground for innovative research and collaboration between a conservation group, a ranching family, a host of federal and state land managers and several universities. It is a national example of how to work together using science in support of people and the land. Check out some of our current research projects ›

North Rim Ranches - Adapting to a Changing Climate

North Rim Ranches - Adapting to a Changing Climate
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Adapting to a changing climate

Across the Colorado Plateau, climate change challenges us to adapt to hotter, drier conditions. At the North Rim Ranches, we are not waiting for the next drought; we have mapped climate hotspots and identified ways to help support resilient responses by species, ecosystems and the people that depend on them. 

North Rim Ranches - Designing Education for Future Leaders

North Rim Ranches - Designing Education for Future Leaders
Grand Canyon Trust

Designing education for future leaders

Who will provide conservation leadership in the future? We are building an education program at the North Rim Ranches that will inspire future conservation leaders through direct knowledge of the land. We want young people to gain the tools to support healthy landscapes across the Colorado Plateau and nationwide.

North Rim Ranches - Our Role

Our Role

As a grazing permittee, we use science to support conservation-focused land management on the North Rim Ranches (formerly the Kane and Two Mile Ranches). We strive for sustainable livestock grazing, fire-safe forests, invasive species control, wildlife connectivity, and climate adaptation. Our active learning and outreach program trains future conservation leaders.

Our Solutions Title

Our Solutions

North Rim Ranches - Our Solutions

Sponsor New Science

We are applying innovative, on-the-ground research to answer questions about sustainable grazing, wildlife habitat connectivity, cheatgrass invasions, and wildfire control.  

Understand Climate Change

After identifying climate impacts on the ranches, we are crafting strategies to protect and restore wildlife, water resources, and ecosystem services, while promoting healthy grazing practices.

Field-based Education

The ranches’ vast spaces inspire people. We are educating the next generation of conservation leaders and designing an on-site learning center with a compelling curriculum to match the measure of the land.

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