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Volunteer - Empowering new leaders

Volunteer - Empowering new leaders

Empowering new leaders

By inspiring and teaching young people, we are directly influencing our future leaders who will inherit all of today’s environmental challenges. Learn More ›

Volunteer - Fall Fundraiser 2016 (Call to Action)

Help us raise $50,000 to buy a field truck.

Volunteer - Citizen Science

Volunteer - Citizen Science

It is Never too Late to be a Scientist!

Our citizen science projects and training programs directly connect people to the Colorado Plateau, while inspiring and educating them. The result of our work helps incorporate climate change adaptation into land management planning. Learn More ›

Volunteer - Mobilizing People for Conservation

Volunteer - Mobilizing People for Conservation

Mobilizing People for Conservation

We give the public opportunities to amplify their voice in our most important campaigns, from addressing the uranium legacy in the Grand Canyon to protecting Greater Canyonlands from inappropriate energy development. We bring people power at multiple levels to advocate for the land, species, water and cultures of the Colorado Plateau. Learn More ›

Volunteer - Join our Volunteer Community

  • Sue Smith teaches new volunteers how to identify grasses.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • Rachel Esbjornson is a Badass Botanist and Americorp intern.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • Volunteering with the Trust is a great way to make new friends.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • Ponderosa High School students love getting outside.

    John Taylor
  • Denise has been volunteering with the Trust for over 10 years.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • Volunteering takes you to many off-the-map places.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • Ken is a retired teacher and now a seasoned volunteer.

    Grand Canyon Trust

Join our Volunteer Community

When you volunteer with the Grand Canyon Trust you also join a big family of people who are energetic, fun, committed, smart, creative and extremely dedicated to the Colorado Plateau. Learn more about the volunteers who are the heart and soul of the Trust on our volunteer community page.

Volunteer - Volunteers are Essential Map

Volunteers are Essential

As a volunteer, you make it possible for the Trust to realize our mission to protect and restore the Colorado Plateau. Every year, over 250 people collectively contribute more than 14,000 hours—equal to seven full-time positions—dedicated to conservation and restoration projects that would otherwise be left undone.

Map tips: Zoom in and out and pan around to see the totals change. Zoom in and click on the red areas to meet our volunteers. View full screen map

Volunteer - we need you

We need you

A dwindling of the constituency for conservation and related cutbacks in funding and staffing resources for managing our public lands are alarming trends, especially as the daunting realities of climate change in the Southwest become clear.  To counter these trends, the Trust mobilizes people to complete important research and restoration projects on public and Native American lands. This growing community of knowledgeable and passionate citizens is our best hope for conservation on the Colorado Plateau—and beyond.

Volunteering Changes Lives and Land

We do more than get good work done. By connecting people to places, we inspire them to care. We transform lives while we transform landscapes.  Our volunteers acquire tremendous skills and become leaders and teachers by sharing their energy and talents as part of a larger conservation movement.

Volunteerism is at the heart of what we seek as an organization: to build a grassroots movement of people who speak for the land.  The experiences that happen in the field carry over to personal lives. These are friends the environmental movement can call upon to defend beloved places and preserve their legacy for future generations.

Our Solutions Title

Our Solutions

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Youth Leadership

We cultivate the next generation of conservation leaders. Over half our volunteers are young people who join us in the field to learn firsthand about the environmental challenges of their time. We help them translate their experiences and ideas into civic action. Our conservation interns develop vital skill-sets and get jobs in the environmental sector.

Citizen Science

We train citizen scientists to help answer hard questions and solve tough problems on public lands. We give them the skills, tools, and expertise to accomplish vital on-the-ground restoration and monitoring. We use this information to advocate for land management that minimizes habitat degradation in the face of climate change. 

Mobilizing People

We empower people to be effective advocates. Our volunteers document what they see on the land and make official comments on important land management policies. They are part of an energetic team working to find solutions to the problems facing the Colorado Plateau, with a truly unique and passionate voice for conservation.

Volunteer - shots from the field

Shots from the field

Volunteers in Action Blog


While many of the Trump administration’s actions over the last two weeks have sparked public outcry and prompted protests, there is something happening that is giving me reassurance and hope.

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Read what 6th grade students have to say about uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.

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Volunteer - Call To Action

Roll up your sleeves and see for yourself the difference you can make. Volunteer with us!
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