New report to monitor clean energy trends

The teams of 38 North Solutions and Blueshift Research have combined their expertise in clean energy, innovation, and market analysis from both coasts to produce an encompassing report –The Clock– that reports regularly on clean energy trends, as the hands of the clock move backwards or forwards toward the midnight hour, when clean energy can compete head to head with fossil energy across the U.S. on cost, reliability, and quality. The teams cull through thousands of sources to identify trends in finance, market growth, and new technologies and business models-in the U.S. as well as globally. Original interviews with policy and industry leaders are woven throughout the report.

Highlights of the first edition include an interview with Senator Jeff Bingaman, the recently retired Chairman of Senate Energy and Natural Resources and a lifelong champion of clean energy. This first report also focuses on advances in the solar market and discusses how the military’s commitment to clean energy has impacted the market as a whole.

Click here for the report: The Clock Green-Energy-Quarterly-Update-2013-Q16

Click here for the interviews: The Clock Green-Energy-Quarterly-Update-2013-Q1-Interviews1

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