Phone 2 Action - Utah Roadless Rule Petition

The state of Utah is seeking to alter the national Roadless Area Conservation Rule, allowing for new road-building and commercial logging on nearly 4 million acres of pristine national forest roadless areas in the state.

Utah’s petition is now on Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue's desk. Please urge Secretary Perdue to reject Utah’s roadless petition because:

  • Utah failed to consult experts, convene stakeholders, or meaningfully involve Native American tribes when developing this petition.
  • Utah's petition is scientifically indefensible, providing no justification for removing protections from roadless areas.
  • A Utah-specific roadless rule is unnecessary. Exemptions already exist in the current roadless rule that allow for reducing wildfire risk. When exemptions have been sought, all have been granted.
  • Utah claims to want to remove roadless area protections to mitigate wildfire risk, but wildfire mitigation is best accomplished near homes and communities, not in backcountry roadless areas.
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