Phone 2 Action - ADEQ Canyon Uranium Mine APP 2021

Since it was first permitted in 1986, Canyon Mine (also known as "Pinyon Plain Mine") has never commercially produced uranium ore, but it has put springs and groundwater in and near the Grand Canyon at risk, including the Havasupai Tribe's primary water source. Now the state of Arizona is preparing to renew a key groundwater permit.

Please urge the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to deny the "individual aquifer protection permit," which the mine needs to operate, and issue a permit only for the immediate closure and cleanup of the mine. At a minimum, the permit should require: 

  • Installation of at least three monitoring wells up and down gradient in both the shallower Coconino (C) Aquifer and the deeper Redwall-Muav (R) Aquifer to monitor groundwater contamination.
  • Groundwater monitoring in perpetuity, even after the mine is closed. Plugging groundwater flow into the mine to prevent the spread of contaminants should not be assumed effective.
  • A detailed plan for stopping and cleaning up any groundwater contamination in the event that contamination is detected in monitoring well(s) before, during, and/or after the mine is closed.
  • Immediate preparation of a detailed closure and post-closure monitoring plan, to replace the outdated plan the mine owner developed in the 1980s.
  • A surety bond (insurance policy for cleanup) that accounts for the possibility of subsurface water contamination. Managing subsurface contamination can be the most expensive part of mine cleanup and should not fall on taxpayers. 
Comment deadline: August 7, 2021

Urge Arizona regulators to deny Canyon Mine's groundwater permit. Please take a minute to personalize your message and explain why Canyon Mine concerns you. Your personal message makes a huge difference in helping regulators understand the action you want them to take.

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