Phone 2 Action - ADEQ Canyon Uranium Mine 2019

When Canyon Mine was approved in 1986, the owner insisted it would not hit groundwater. But in 2013, it did. Water pumped out of the mine shaft is contaminated with uranium and arsenic, underscoring the risk that contamination might spread.

Please urge state regulators at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to:

  • Order the mine owner to stop groundwater from flowing into the mine shaft.
  • Order the mine owner to immediately close and clean up Canyon Mine.
  • Increase the mine's required insurance policy for cleanup (known as a "surety bond"). Uranium-mine cleanups can cost millions, especially if there is groundwater contamination. 
  • Require that additional and deeper monitoring wells be drilled and maintained in perpetuity, at the cost of the mining company, not the public.

Please take 1 minute to personalize your message, share your experience of the Grand Canyon, and explain why Canyon Mine concerns you personally. Your personal message makes a huge difference in helping regulators understand public concern.

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