Phone 2 Action - Strategic Uranium Reserve

In September, the Biden administration extended the public input period on a proposed strategic uranium reserve by 30 days. This reserve would subsidize the U.S. uranium industry at taxpayer expense, and put the Grand Canyon, Bears Ears, and many frontline Indigenous communities at risk. Please urge the Department of Energy not to create a uranium reserve.

Some points you might include in your comments:

  • Creating a uranium reserve directly conflicts with the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council’s recommendations to do no harm to frontline communities and to sunset investment in nuclear energy by 2030.
  • Creating a uranium reserve puts Indigenous communities at risk. Committing not to acquire uranium from mines on tribal land or by expanding uranium exploitation on federal public lands isn’t enough. Existing uranium mines and mills on public and private lands threaten Indigenous communities, especially on the Colorado Plateau. 
  • Creating a uranium reserve puts the Grand Canyon at risk. Canyon Mine (recently renamed “Pinyon Plain Mine”) near the south rim of the Grand Canyon threatens precious water resources, including the Havasupai Tribe’s sole source of water.
  • Creating a uranium reserve puts the Bears Ears National Monument region at risk. The White Mesa Mill sits just one mile from the original boundaries of Bears Ears and a few miles from the Ute Mountain Ute tribal community of White Mesa. The mill threatens the community’s water, air, land, and culture.
  • A uranium reserve would subsidize uranium companies who are perpetrating environmental injustices toward Indigenous communities, including at Canyon Mine and the White Mesa Mill.
  • A uranium reserve should not accept uranium produced from “alternate feed.” Alternate feeds are milled for a fee at the White Mesa Mill not as a valuable source of uranium, but to sell a radioactive-waste-disposal service, to the detriment of the nearby Ute Mountain Ute community of White Mesa. Even if a uranium reserve were created, the government should not use it to subsidize that waste-disposal business. 

Take Action. Submit a comment in your own words. Explain why the idea of a uranium reserve concerns you personally. Your personal comment helps decisionmakers understand public concern. The new deadline to comment is October 13, 2021.

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