Phone 2 Action - Critical Minerals List Removing Uranium

COMMENT DEADLINE: December 9, 2021

In 2018, the Trump administration added uranium to the critical minerals list despite uranium not meeting the criteria, putting public lands around the Grand Canyon and Bears Ears National Monument at increased risk of uranium mining. 

Please voice your support for the Biden administration's proposal to remove uranium from this list. Here are a few reasons you might include in your comment:

  • Uranium doesn’t belong on the critical minerals list; it's a fuel mineral.
  • The United States already has plenty of uranium stockpiled for non-fuel uses, including defense.
  • Since 2018, listing uranium as a critical mineral has endangered landscapes like the Grand Canyon and Bears Ears. 
  • Listing uranium as a critical mineral would deepen injustices faced by communities on the frontlines of uranium contamination.

Please take a moment to type a comment in your own words. Your personal comment will help the Biden administration understand the importance of this issue.

Express your support for keeping uranium off the critical minerals list and add a personal comment in your own words.

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