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Advocate Spring/Summer 2020 - Features

Spring/Summer 2020 Features
What's in store for the spectacular side canyons along the Escalante River? BY JOHN LESHY
The fight to save Utah's pinyon and juniper forests. BY MIKE POPEJOY
Bringing generations of Indigenous traditional knowledge to bear. BY TIM PETERSON
Living in the shadow of America's last uranium mill. BY TALIA BOYD

Advocate Fall/Winter 2019 - Features

Fall/Winter 2019 FEATURES
How Native entrepreneurs are tapping into the Grand Canyon tourism economy. BY JESSICA STAGO
The Antelope Canyon you've never heard of. BY AMBER BENALLY AND AUDREY KRUSE
Can Navajo and Hopi transcend their past? BY TONY SKRELUNAS AND KARL CATES
Hunters and anglers are big on conservation in the Grand Canyon region. BY SCOTT GARLID

Advocate Spring/Summer 2019 - Features

Spring/Summer 2019 Features
To know this world, you must see it from the ground. BY KEVIN FEDARKO
The case for renaming Indian Garden. BY OPHELIA WATAHOMIGIE-CORLISS
The contentious history of mapping the Grand Canyon. BY ROGER CLARK
Running the Grand Canyon's fiercest rapid. BY CYD AND STEVE MARTIN

Advocate Fall/Winter 2018 - Features

Fall/Winter 2018 FEATURES
Native voices on the Grand Canyon National Park centennial. BY SARANA RIGGS
You're invited: Grand Canyon National Park centennial events. BY CHRIS LEHNERTZ
What a fossil might tell us about cultural ties between the ancient peoples of the Grand Canyon and Bears Ears. BY R.E. BURRILLO
What you need to know about new mining claims staked in Utah's national monuments. BY TIM PETERSON

Advocate Spring/Summer 2018 - Features

Spring/Summer 2018 Features
The legal fight for Bears Ears and Grand Staircase. BY TIM PETERSON
How do we protect the confluence for good? BY ROGER CLARK
A 54-day bike tour across the Colorado Plateau. BY BROOKE LARSEN
Is the mining ban safe from direct action by the Trump administration? BY AMBER REIMONDO

Advocate Fall/Winter 2017 - Features

Fall/Winter 2017 FEATURES
Blisters, balloons, and an 800-mile trek through the wild heart of the Grand Canyon. 
The proposed tramway resort promises big returns, but at what price? BY SARANA RIGGS
A uranium mine, a sacred mountain, and a tribe’s struggle to protect its drinking water. BY ELLEN HEYN
Breathing life into vendor booths on the east rim of the Grand Canyon. BY EMILY THOMPSON

Advocate Spring/Summer 2017 - Features

Spring/Summer 2017 FEATURES
With bills in Congress to gut the Antiquities Act, protecting it will take all of us. BY RAÚL GRIJALVA
The beauty of the Bears Ears National Monument proclamation. BY TERRY TEMPEST WILLIAMS
Utah “land grabbers” misread history, as well as the dictionary. BY JOHN LESHY
The Colorado Plateau’s national monuments are full of surprises. BY HILLARY HOFFMANN

Advocate Fall/Winter 2016 - Features

Fall/Winter 2016 FEATURES
Testament to a great conservation law and the resilience of Indian tribes. BY CHARLES WILKINSON
How “Keep it in the Ground” is shaping the environmental movement. BY KATE SAVAGE
Balancing the art and economics of America's public lands. BY FELICITY BARRINGER
Why the federal lands takeover movement can’t be ignored. BY ETHAN AUMACK

Advocate Spring/Summer 2016 - Features

Spring/Summer 2016 FEATURES
Harnessing the power of fire to help our forests transition into a brave new world. BY ETHAN AUMACK
A 1,000-mile walk gives a former U.S. senator a new appreciation for the West’s most precious resource. BY MARK UDALL
The West’s water deficit and what to do about it. BY ROBERT GLENNON
Global warming is making fur hats passé, but beavers themselves are making a comeback. BY ELLEN HEYN

Advocate Fall/Winter 2015 - Features

Fall/Winter 2015 Features
In southeastern Utah, the first ever tribally-led push for a national monument steams ahead. BY ALASTAIR LEE BITSÓÍ
Would draining Lake Powell alleviate the West’s water woes? BY DR. RICHARD INGEBRETSEN
How a journalist’s love affair with redrock put her on a mission to protect it. BY PAM HAIT
Empowering local communities to protect their own backyards. BY KYRA BUSCH WITH GRAZIA BORRINI-FEYERABEND AND TONY SKRELUNAS

Advocate Spring 2015 - Features

Spring/Summer 2015 Features
In a West transformed by climate change, there will be boomers, busters, and stickers. Which are you? BY WILLIAM DEBUYS
What happens at the Grand Canyon—good or bad—will reverberate throughout the rest of the nation's parks. BY KEVIN FEDARKO
What a law professor's road trip with her 13-year-old daughter reveals about the next generation of conservationists. BY SARAH KRAKOFF
Indigenous communities and climate change. BY REBECCA TSOSIE

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