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NIKKI COOLEY: I remember stepping on the boat and floating down the Colorado River and how at home I felt.

[Navajo introduction] I’m the first Navajo woman to be licensed as a commercial river guide and a full-time river guide for about 13 years. But on the river I was always instructed to make offerings every day of corn pollen or of white cornmeal and to ensure that the river knew that I was respecting him and her.

In the Diné way, the big Colorado River is considered the male river. The Little Colorado River that comes out and the San Juan River, they’re all considered the female rivers. And where the waters come together, the confluence, so that’s kinda like where the male and female meet. Together they nourish the rest of the Grand Canyon.

It’s just a very sacred place that we must treat very carefully, respectfully, and not think of it as a theme park.

Listen, Watch, and Learn

Listen, watch, and learn

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