Public lands and coronavirus

We’d like to encourage our members, supporters, and all public land lovers to stay safe and avoid non-essential travel at this time.

Many of the hikes and destinations featured on the Colorado Plateau Explorer are located in remote areas or near rural communities with limited healthcare resources. We hope you'll use the Colorado Plateau Explorer to plan your trip for the future. These magnificent lands will be here waiting for you then.

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Protected? Think again.

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Dirty fuels carving up Canyonlands

Proposed oil and gas drilling, tar sands strip mining, and uranium and potash development could carve up this wild landscape, disturb cultural resources, diminish air and water quality, fragment wildlife habitat, and significantly impact the breathtaking scenery. Energy companies hold leases for tar sands strip mining on over 90,000 acres, much of it within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, bordering Canyonlands National Park, and next to existing BLM wilderness study areas.

But the Greater Canyonlands region could be protected from these threats under the Antiquities Act, which gives U.S. presidents the authority to create national monuments and limits the activities allowed within them. The Grand Canyon Trust supports creation of a national monument on part of these lands, but for that to happen it will need the help of those who cherish them. Learn more about the Trust’s campaign to Protect the Greater Canyonlands Region ›


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Whether you explore the Colorado Plateau every weekend or dream of visiting one day, we need your help. These are your public lands — help us protect them.

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