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CPE - Indian Garden - Rename Indian Garden

CPE - Indian Garden - Rename Indian Garden
Amy S. Martin

Ha'a Gyoh (Havasupai Gardens)

"This name change reinserts the Havasupai into your history, the history that has been taught to millions of children in the school system. History that left us out on purpose to sell the idea that the Grand Canyon was wild and needed to be tamed, that our territory was unoccupied and needed to be settled… that we would be fully assimilated."

— Ophelia Watahomigie-Corliss on the meaning of renaming a popular Grand Canyon tourist destination. Read her story ›

CPE - GCNP by the numbers (title)

Grand Canyon By the numbers

CPE - Grand Canyon (by the numbers)


The oldest rocks at the bottom of the Grand Canyon are nearly 2 billion years old.


From rim to river, the deepest vertical point in the canyon is 6,000 feet.


The width of the canyon ranges from 10-18 straight-line miles across rims.


The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long by river, from Lee’s Ferry to the Grand Wash Cliffs. 

Keep the Canyon Grand - Help keep the Canyon Grand

Help keep the Canyon Grand

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CPE - Conservation header

Protected? Think again.

CPE - GCNP (Uranium)

CPE - GCNP (Uranium)
Blake McCord

Uranium Mining

Water is life in the Grand Canyon, but uranium mines located on public land mere miles from the North and South Rims threaten to contaminate the Grand Canyon's waters. The Park Service warns hikers not to drink out of several creeks along the Tonto Trail because of contamination from a uranium mine that closed in 1969.

See what's at stake ›

CPE - CTA (what you can do header)

What you can do

CPE - CTA (Grand Canyon)

Grand Canyon vista, North Rim

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Colorado River and Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon Blog


Even a short journey of a few hundred steps offers a deeper perspective on the Grand Canyon.

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A sacred site designation would discourage developers from targeting the confluence for trams, dams, or hotels. "Leave it as it is and respect it," says Delores Wilson-Aguirre.

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