CPE - Explore the Monument

Explore the monument

CPE - Vermilion Cliffs (Explore)

Pop your tent at Stateline Campground for easy access to Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

Slither into Buckskin Gulch, a world-famous slot canyon, via Wire Pass ›

In-person lotteries for permits to the Wave and Coyote Buttes South are held daily at the Kanab Visitor Center ›

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Help protect the places you love.

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You Can Help

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Whether you explore the Colorado Plateau every weekend or dream of visiting one day, we need your help. These are your public lands — help us protect them.

CPE - You can help

Your donations make our work possible. Consider making a gift today ›

Grab your work gloves and join us in the field. Find a volunteer trip ›

Speak up for the Colorado Plataeu by signing a petition. Add your voice ›

Take a hike


Pack your camera and head for the trees! The Colorado Plateau has some of the best displays of fall foliage all season long.

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Take the path less traveled by and explore the north rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

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From blister supplies to water filters, we break down the gear you need to hike and backpack in Grand Canyon National Park.

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