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Tim Peterson

Careers - Development Manager Block

Careers - Development Manager Block
Tom Bean

Development manager

Share your love of the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau to deepen the commitment of our members, donors, and supporters across the country. Learn more ›

Careers - Water Program Director Block

Careers - Water Program Director Block
Adam Haydock

Water director

From the flowing Little Colorado River, to aquifers deep underground at the Grand Canyon, to the multiple uses of San Juan River water, we're looking for someone with the creative solutions necessary to protect precious water in the Southwest. Get the details ›

Careers - Internships


Careers - Legislative and Policy Internship Block

Careers - Legislative and Policy Internship Block
Kristen Caldon

Legislative and policy intern

Whether protecting the Grand Canyon, supporting national monument restoration, or stopping proposed dams, your summer could be spent directly advocating for landscapes of the Colorado Plateau. Join the team ›

Careers - Utah Public Lands Internship Block

Utah Public Lands intern

From the top of the Aquarius Plateau to the bottom of the Vermilion Cliffs, take the steps to protect the waters of Grand Staircase with this science-based role. Learn more ›

Careers - Volunteer Field Tech Block

Volunteer field technician

Can you pull invasive species, discuss grazing issues, and bake a dutch-oven cobbler all in the same day? Put your skills to work restoring the Colorado Plateau with the power of people. View the job description ›

Marra Clay

Careers - conservation internships

Conservation internships

Looking to start a career in conservation? Check out our conservation internships and our youth job board, which lists jobs and internships with conservation organizations across the Colorado Plateau ›

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The Grand Canyon Trust is committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion at every level of our work. The conservation field and the Colorado Plateau have their own histories of racial injustice and exclusion and as a largely white organization, we know we have work to do. We are actively working to make the conservation field and the Colorado Plateau more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive. We are working from the inside out, starting with our internal practices, including our hiring process. We hope you’ll join us and apply today. 

Read the Grand Canyon Trust’s justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion statement ›

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