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Four Forest Resoration Initiative

In northern Arizona, where the forests are dense and dry, we're working to minimize the threat of severe wildfire. Learn about the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) ›

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When most people think of Arizona, they think of cactus. But the northern part of the state is home to the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the world. We’re working on a long term, large-scale project to restore forests in northern Arizona so they pose less threat of destructive wildfire. By partnering with the Forest Service, wood products industry, and others, we're cleaning out understories with presecribed burns, managed wildfire, and mechanical thinning across 2.4 million acres. More on 4FRI ›

Forests - seven reasons for restoration

Forests - seven reasons for restoration

7 reasons for forest restoration ›

Why should you care about protecting our forests? For starters, it could save millions of tax payer dollars. Read 7 reasons for forest restoration ›


4FRI - join us in the field

Help protect our forests. Join us in the field.

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