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About Our Grand Canyon Projects...

The Grand Canyon Trust has been working to protect and restore natural resources in Grand Canyon since 1985. Our current projects address a range of issues:

  • Colorado River Management: Impacts to the Colorado River ecosystem that have resulted from Glen Canyon Dam operations, which have historically ignored science and favored cheap power generation over environmental concerns. Learn more...
  • Uranium Mining: Impacts to Grand Canyon resources (especially water) as a result of uranium mining, which has occurred since the 1950s and has recently become an active concern. Learn more...
  • Providing Water in the Greater Grand Canyon Region: Impacts to Grand Canyon water resources — especially its fragile springs and seeps — as a result of groundwater pumping to provide water to cities. Learn more...
  • Natural Quiet: Noise pollution from flights, which is related to the government’s failure to enforce the 1987 National Parks Overflights Act. Learn more...
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