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"Every 15 or 20 years, it seems, the canyon forces us to undergo a kind of national character exam. If we cannot muster the resources and the resolve to preserve this, perhaps our greatest natural treasure, what, if anything, are we willing to protect?" ~Grand Canyon Under Siege

    Keeping the Canyon Grand: Fighting to keep the Canyon Grand for future generations.

    • Ban uranium mining in Grand Canyon watersheds: Uranium mining causes irreparable harm to natural and cultural resources in Grand Canyon's watersheds. Read more...

      Stop Grand Canyon gondola tram: Developers are proposing 1.4-mile tramway that would take more than 4,000 visitors a day in eight-person gondolas to the Confluence, where the Little Colorado River merges with the Colorado. Read more...

      Stop new wells from drying Grand Canyon springs
      A massive development at Grand Canyon's southern gateway will drill new wells that would deplete the aquifer that drives many of the springs deep inside the canyon. Read more...

      Prevent other threats to Grand Canyon
      Noise from air tours, operations of Glen Canyon Dam, and other threats to Grand Canyon continue to impair its integrity for use and enjoyment by future generations. Read more...

    Learn more about other past Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau campaigns: Colorado River Management, Providing Water in the Greater Grand Canyon Region, Natural Quiet, and Air Quality.
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