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About Our Native America Projects

The Grand Canyon Trust has been working with the Hopi and Navajo tribes to develop culturally appropriate, community-based green economy projects for many years. Over the past 3 years, we have engaged 10 tribes from the Colorado Plateau in twice-annual meetings to focus on maintaining traditional tribal ecological knowledge for long-term land and cultural-resource protection. Currently, our projects cover three key issues:

  • Intertribal Conversations on the Colorado Plateau: Over one-third of the Colorado Plateau comprises Native American lands. If there is to be a comprehensive vision of regional conservation and sustainable development on the Plateau, tribes must be included in the dialogue. Tribes have a tremendous ecological, cultural, and economic stake in the Plateau, as well as traditional knowledge and perspectives on how to sustain it. To tap into this unique knowledge base, we have begun building authentic relationships with Colorado Plateau tribes, including listening to and integrating their voices. The nonconventional process is built around a series of recurrent culturally appropriate interactions called “Conversations on the Colorado Plateau,” to build a platform for trust, listening, and planning. Learn more…

  • Community and Tribal-owned Renewable Energy: We have worked with Plateau tribes to help develop utility-scale wind projects that offer them significant equity ownership. These projects create revenue streams that lessen future dependence on resource extraction industries and help to diversify the economic portfolios of tribal governments. Learn more...
  • Community-based, Green-Economy Development: Plateau tribes have sustained themselves on their lands for thousands of years. A vital balance was created between the consumption and conservation of resources so they would remain abundant in future years. Their traditional economies resulted in the cultivation of many foods, medicines, art forms, science, and knowledge systems the world now uses. In the twentieth century, tribes were forced to lessen the use of their traditional economic systems in favor of natural-resource extractive industries. This has created high levels of unemployment and pursuit of Western-style economic systems. To revitalize traditional economies, the Trust is working with tribes to create community-based sustainable economic development projects that respect their rich cultural traditions. Learn more...
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