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Zion National Park Basics

Plan your trip, find out where to camp, learn about the shuttle system, and get a sneak peak of the adventure that awaits.

Zion National Park information

Zion - favorite hikes

Favorite Zion Hikes

Zion's hiking trails offer a little of everything, from hair-raising exposure to leisurely strolls on paved paths.

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Classic Zion Hikes

Zion - classic hikes

Canyon Overlook Trail

Canyon Overlook Trail

Get a taste of the park's remote backcountry trails high above Zion Canyon. Find out where to park ›

Zion Narrows

Zion Narrows

Splash your way down the North Fork of the Virgin River. Grab your walking stick ›

Angel's Landing

Angel's Landing

Not for those afraid of heights. Lengths of chain guide you through the tricky spots. Check it out ›


Zion - permits

Zion Backcountry Permits

You'll need a permit to explore the nooks and crannies of Zion National Park. Find out what activities you need a permit for and how to get yours.

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CPE - general membership CTA 2

Help protect the places you love.

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From blister supplies to water filters, we break down the gear you need to hike and backpack in Grand Canyon National Park.

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