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Balanced rock is estimated to weigh 3,577 tons—imagine that tumbling down on you!


Decorating Utah's license plates, Delicate Arch is easily the most famous arch in the country.


Double Arch rises 112 feet above the ground, making it the tallest arch in the park. Photo: NPS Jacob W. Frank


Measuring in with a 306-feet opening, Landscape Arch is the longest in North America. 

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Protected? Think again.

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Look at a map of the United States, and you can see the West’s predominant ruler-drawn boundaries.

The same straight-line approach defined Arches National Park, until the late 1990s when the Grand Canyon Trust campaigned to redraw the park’s perimeter to include an important area called Lost Spring Canyon. The Trust bought a grazing permit from a willing rancher, donated it to the Park Service, and helped draft the necessary legislation to expand the park. Congress passed the bill into law, and the northeast boundary of the park now reflects the topographical and ecological contours of Lost Spring Canyon and five tributaries. 

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Whether you explore the Colorado Plateau every weekend or dream of visiting one day, we need your help. These are your public lands — help us protect them.

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Pack your camera and head for the trees! The Colorado Plateau has some of the best displays of fall foliage all season long.

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