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Share your plans

If you have already named the Grand Canyon Trust in your will or as a beneficiary of an IRA or retirement plan, please let us know. We would like to thank you and welcome you to our Legacy Circle.



For more information or to share your intentions, please contact Libby Ellis at (928) 286-3387 or lellis@grandcanyontrust.org

We appreciate the privilege of publishing your name (no address or additional information) as a Legacy Circle member in our annual report, as it encourages others to consider making a similar commitment. However, we respect your decision for privacy should you choose not to have your name published.

Legacy Circle Field Trips

Tim Peterson
Dawn Kish
Dawn Kish
Rivers and Oceans

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Join us on the plateau

We’re honored to be a partner in your lasting legacy. Through your Legacy Circle membership, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to join us on uncommon excursions. You’ll venture off the beaten path with Trust senior staff, partners, and others who will share unparalleled insights about the lands and waters of the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau.

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