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Technical support

Few resources exist for Native entrepreneurs looking to start a business, and the paperwork alone can be overwhelming. NABIN helps entrepreneurs navigate regulations, permits, and financing options, enabling Native American small-business owners to boost their businesses through trainings, workshops, and mentorship. 

NABIN - A Peer and Mentor Network

NABIN - A Peer and Mentor Network

A peer and mentor network

Start-up entrepreneurs face similar struggles: securing funding, being taken seriously, and managing the books, to name a few. NABIN matches businesses with Native and non-Native mentors with professional expertise in areas like marketing, small business tax preparation, and business law. There is a whole community of Native talent both on and off the reservation that holds a piece of the puzzle when it comes to driving successful entrepreneurship.

NABIN - Culture Brokers

NABIN - Culture Brokers

Cultural brokers

Our people are hesitant to identify themselves as entrepreneurs saying, "I don't have a business, I just sell this." The incubator works to change ideas about what business is and how it works. As cultural brokers, NABIN offers businesses moral support and an attitude of change. We see the value in culture. We're ready for the next era of economic development and are here to see it through by building a strong entrepreneurial community through innovation and cultural integrity.

NABIN - Changing the Conversation

NABIN - Changing the Conversation

Changing the conversation

Small business and entrepreneurship are not on the radar of our Native political leaders. Our communities face incredible challenges, and our leadership, overwhelmed, is looking to resolve these issues through large-scale development. We see the powerful change that is possible if entrepreneurs are nurtured in a supportive environment, and we know that creative policies and laws are part of the equation as well.

NABIN - Meet some of the NABIN businesses

Meet some of the NABIN businesses

NABIN - 2018 cohort

Roseann and Lester Littleman run a hogan and tipi bed-and-breakfast and offer guided tours on the Navajo Nation.

Nicholas Smith provides custom t-shirt, banner, vinyl decal, and other printing services from his shop in Shiprock, on the Navajo Nation.

This brother-sister duo is tackling waste and trash-dumping issues on the Hopi mesas through recycling bins, workshops, and community cleanups.

Chef and caterer Carlos Deal brings fresh sushi and healthy stir-fries to customers across the Navajo Nation via foodtruck.

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Support sustainable economic development on tribal lands



It’s hard to find Navajo moccasins handmade by Navajo artists. Brent David Toadlena has you covered.

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Roseann and Lester Littleman are inviting visitors to experience Mystical Antelope Canyon, on the Navajo Nation.

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Every morning, Deal posts his sushi menu to Facebook. By lunchtime, hungry customers are lining up.

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