Amber Reimondo

Energy Program Director

Staff - Amber Reimondo (Favorites)

Interests & Hobbies
  • Ultrarunning
  • Painting
  • Blogging
  • Teaching yoga
On My Bucket List
  • Run for political office 
  • Thru-run in the Dolomites
  • Backpack in Patagonia
  • Write a book
Life Philosophy
  • Find compassion — it's the key to world peace
  • Life is short — the time is now
  • If your goals don't scare you a little, you're not doing it right

Amber's Blog


The Grand Canyon region is too culturally, historically, and economically important to mine for uranium.

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The mill wants to add another 80 acres of waste ponds, but could the toxic goulash the ponds contain seep into groundwater?

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Enefit’s oil shale project would suck over 100 billion gallons of water from the Colorado River Basin over the next three decades.

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