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Escalade: The Saga

Escalade - what would it look like (intro)

What would it look like?

A secretly negotiated master agreement includes unfair terms and conditions that would maximize profits for outside developers. Get the details in this two-page summary, or read the legislation here ›

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escalade - STC

Save the Confluence

Save the Confluence, a coalition of local Navajo families that have maintained homes near the Confluence for generations, speaks out against the Escalade development. Hear stories from people whose homesite leases and grazing permits would be affected by the proposed resort.

Escalade - STC and the Trust

The Trust supports Save the Confluence families and joins them in their fight to stop bad development.

Escalade - by the numbers

Escalade by the Numbers

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Land the development would occupy, trampling the rights of Navajo grazing permit holders in the area.


Acres of Navajo lands along access roads developer Lamar Whitmer would close to competing businesses.


Tourists per day the tramway could shuttle to the sacred confluence at bottom of the Grand Canyon.


Initial offsite infrastructure costs to the Navajo Nation, also financially responsible for maintenance.

Escalade - cultural areas

Many Native American tribes have sacred cultural ties to the Grand Canyon. 

For some, the confluence is where life began — their place of origin and emergence.

Tribal resolutions against the development:

Hopi | All-Pueblo | Zuni

Culturally significant areas to Native Peoples' of the Grand Canyon region

Escalade - call to action

Protect the Grand Canyon from the proposed Escalade tramway

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