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Action Alert: PJ categorical exclusion

Action Alert: PJ categorical exclusion
Mike Popejoy

Protect Pinyon and Juniper Forests


The Bureau of Land Management has proposed a rule change that would allow it to shred 10,000 acres of pinyon and juniper trees at a time without detailed environmental review or your input. Speak up to protect your say in pinyon-juniper projects that affect the lands you love ›

Take Action - Urge Senators to support Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act

Protect the Grand Canyon from Uranium Mining, Forever

There's a new bill in the Senate to make the current temporary ban on new mining claims on public lands around Grand Canyon National Park permanent. Please urge your senators to support and co-sponsor the Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act. Email your senators today ›

Take Action - Tusayan

Take Action - Tusayan
Amy S. Martin

Protect Grand Canyon's Precious Waters

A proposed commercial development on the doorstep of Grand Canyon National Park threatens to guzzle precious groundwater that feeds the canyon's seeps and springs. Ask the U.S. Forest Service to take a closer look before paving the way for the project ›

Take Action - ADEQ Aquifer Protection Permit 2019

Take Action - ADEQ Aquifer Protection Permit 2019
Blake McCord

Close and Clean up Canyon Uranium Mine

When Canyon uranium mine was approved in 1986, the owner insisted the mine would not hit groundwater. But in 2013, it did. Now, evidence suggests Canyon Mine is contaminating that water as it enters the mine shaft. Urge Arizona regulators to close and clean up the mine ›

Take Action - ANTIQUITIES Act of 2019

Protect Our National Monuments

President Trump shrunk Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in 2017, but the ANTIQUITIES Act of 2019 could restore protections to the shrunken monuments and cement the boundaries of 50 others. Write your legislators in support of the bill ›

Take Action - BEARS Act

Take Action - BEARS Act
Tim Peterson

Expand Bears Ears National Monument

Urge your members in Congress to support and co-sponsor the BEARS Act, which would enlarge the monument to 1.9 million acres. Support the original vision of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, and speak up for Bears Ears ›

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Take Action - Keep the Canyon Grand

Take Action - Keep the Canyon Grand
Tom Bean

Keep the Canyon Grand

The Grand Canyon may be a national park, but it's not as protected as you think. It faces the triple threats of uranium mining, inappropriate development (including a proposed mega resort and tourist tramway), and new wells drying the aquifers that feed its precious seeps and springs. Please lift your voice in defense of this magnificient place. Voice your opposition to destructive developments ›

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