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Youth Leadership - Coming in 2017

Youth Leadership - Coming in 2017

Coming soon!

From internships to letter writing parties, we have lots of exciting opportunities planned for young people this year. Check back often for updates on:

  • New internship opportunities with the Trust
  • Youth-organized advocacy training and outreach events
  • Opportunities to join conservation research projects

Youth Leadership - stats (heading)

Inspiring young leaders since 2013

Youth Leadership - stats


Years the Trust has worked with committed schools and teachers to introduce youth to conservation issues.


Number of youth volunteers we've worked with on important stewardship projects on public and tribal lands.


Volunteer hours contributed by youth volunteers towards protecting and restoring the Colorado Plateau.

Youth Leadership - Conservation Career Resources

Youth Leadership - Conservation Career Resources
Grand Canyon Trust

Conservation career resources

Want to plug into Colorado Plateau conservation? Looking for a job, internship, or other opportunity? Explore our youth job board ›

Youth Leadership - Turning Wenches

Youth Leadership - Turning Wenches

Group information and application

Are you a teacher, student, or leader looking to bring a group to volunteer with the Trust? Apply today ›

Youth Leadership - uplift

Youth Leadership - uplift
Michael Remke

Uplift Climate Conference

Gather with a community of young leaders on the Colorado Plateau. Redefine the movement and share tools for change! Find out more about the annual Uplift Climate Conference ›

Youth Leadership - Meet our young leaders new

  • AmeriCorps intern Amanda Smith hunts for a rare cactus in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • AmeriCorps intern Andrew Belus wins first place at the 2013 Hopi “Water is Life” running race.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • AmeriCorps intern Lindsay Martindale leads volunteers on a beaver habitat trip in Utah.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • AmeriCorps intern Paul Bindel hikes through the narrows of Paria Canyon with a big smile.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • AmeriCorps intern Rachel Esbjornson is excited to be on a volunteer trip in Utah.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • Utah Forests Program intern Lindsay Greger assesses beaver habitat in southern Utah.

    Grand Canyon Trust
  • Native America Program intern Sheree Denetsosie plays her flute on a Grand Canyon river trip.

    Dawn Kish

Meet our young leaders

Many of our interns begin as volunteers and decide a week with the Trust isn’t enough! Read their stories and get to know the plateau's future leaders ›

Youth Leadership - why it matters

Why it matters

Youth involvement matters NOW. The new federal administration is working to slash environmental regulations, overturn national monument designations, and devalue the voice of climate scientists, putting the future of public and tribal lands at stake. This is the future that young people are inheriting.

The Youth Leadership Program is committed to amplifying the voices of young Colorado Plateau activists and stewards to ensure that their future still holds “…spectacular landscapes, flowing rivers, clean air, diversity of plants and animals, and areas of beauty and solitude.”

Our Approach Title

Our Approach

Youth Leadership - 3 Column Block

The Need for Wild Places

Research shows that young experiences in nature are diminishing. Do you sometimes feel tethered to technology that keeps you more connected to your friends but more disconnected from the planet? People need wild places as much as these places need people who will grow up inspired and prepared to defend them. The Trust gets students out of the classroom and back to nature — transforming lives in the process.

The Need for Job Skills

In the current economy, conservation-minded young people need career skills, professional experiences and dedicated mentors to become competitive in the field. We provide opportunities for students to explore careers in conservation by offering hands-on volunteer experiences and paid internships in conservation science, policy, advocacy, green economies, clean energy and sustainable communities.

The Need for Platforms

The younger generation has a unique perspective and energy that belongs in the conversation about climate change on the Colorado Plateau, and the Trust has made a commitment to listen. As a leader in the environmental community, we have an opportunity and responsibility to amplify the young voices of the region that will lead to important changes in environmental policy on the plateau and beyond.

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