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Public Lands Initiative - Keep Utah Wild! Interactive Photo Tour Map

Eastern Utah Public Lands Proposed for Wilderness

Take a journey across eastern Utah and explore some of the wild, beautiful, and culturally rich places at stake. These outstanding public lands deserve permanent protection as wilderness:

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Public Lands Initiative - Our Role

Our Role

Since 2013, Grand Canyon Trust has been working with Utah’s Congressional delegation, the Governor’s office, and other stakeholders to designate new wilderness under the Public Lands Initiative, a formal process initiated by Representative Rob Bishop. Not only is new wilderness on the table, we have the opportunity to trade development-prone state lands out of this new wilderness and in to areas where they can more appropriately generate revenue for education.

Our Solutions Title

Our Solutions

Public Lands Initiative - Our Solutions

Diverse Coalition

The landscape we’re working on is large and the issues are complex. We’re partnering with other local, regional and national conservation, sporting and business groups to make sure we do the best we can by the land. We’re taking the lead on national forest protection and state land exchange while supporting our partners and their interests.

Varied Interests

The Trust’s mission encompasses more than just wildlife, wilderness, or recreation. We’re considering the broad implications of legislation beyond just the acres of lands protected, including the true costs and benefits for the climate, imperiled species, future uranium pollution and protection of precious water resources. 

Issue Expertise

The Trust is bringing solid on-the-ground knowledge, powerful scientific, economic and social arguments and diverse constituencies to bear for new public lands protection. Check back soon for more details regarding this initiative. Want more information or want to get involved? Send us your inquiries and ideas ›

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