CPE - Visiting Tribal Lands

Visiting Tribal Lands

  • Remember you are a guest; be respectful. Listening respectfully, especially when elders speak, is a hallmark of Native American courtesy.
  • English is a second language for many Native Americans, and many tribal elders do not speak English.
  • You probably don’t like people snapping photographs in your face; neither do Native Americans.
  • Taking photos of many public ceremonies is not allowed; check before taking your camera to any public event.
  • Most activities on tribal lands, including hiking, require a permit, and many tribes have sacred sites that are off limits to non-tribal members.
  • Don’t approach people’s home without being invited.
  • Tribes have distinct cultures; don’t assume that because something was okay on one reservation that it is okay on another.

CPE - Tribal work intro

See some of the work our Native America Program is doing with tribes on the plateau:

CPE - Tribal work

In the face of climate change, traditional ecological knowledge around agriculture is more important than ever. We built a Learning Center in 2015 in Toba City, Arizona to share farming traditions. 

The Trust facilitates the Intertribal Gatherings to integrate tribal voices and strengthen local conservation. At these events, tribes share song, prayer, dance, and laughter to acheive common goals. 

The Native American Business Incubator Network (NABIN) helps Native entrepreneurs confront the challenges of starting businesses on the reservation and boosts their businesses through trainings, workshops, and mentorship. 

We support the Bears Ears Intertribal Coalition in their efforts to protect 1.9 million acres of tribal homeland as the Bears Ears National Monument.

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