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Native America - Restoring the Tuba City

Native America - Restoring the Tuba City

Restoring the Tuba City/Moencopi Watershed and Mentoring Farmers in Traditional Practices

Climate change is already making life difficult for Plateau farmers given rising temperatures, unpredictable winds and rains, increasing non-native species, and diminished vital grasslands.  To meet this challenge, we have helped Hopi and Navajo farmers pass on their low water farming techniques, created a thriving farmers market, and restored local springs and irrigation canals. 

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A Business Incubator Assists Tribal Entrepreneurs in a Culturally Respectful Way

A small but growing number of tribal members run businesses such as graphics/web design, traditional food catering, cooperative farms, and bed & breakfasts. Yet, these entrepreneurs have no access to qualified technical assistance. To meet this challenge, we launched the Native American Business Incubator Network (NABIN) which offers culturally cognizant and savvy business counseling using experienced Native American professionals. Learn more ›

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Help Native American entrepreneurs grow businesses in tribal communities!

Native America - Saving the Grand Canyon’s Sacred Confluence

Native America - Saving the Grand Canyon’s Sacred Confluence

Saving the Grand Canyon’s Sacred Confluence

Developers want to build a controversial mega-resort that will include a tramway to the confluence of the Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers. The project has outraged local families and tribes who do not want this sacred area to be desecrated by millions of visitors. To stop the project, we support the families with advocacy, securing legal assistance, and by helping them navigate the complex tribal government processes.

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Capturing leaking methane from oil and gas operations on the Navajo Nation could provide enough gas to cover the annual use of every home on the reservation.

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Native America - Our Role

Our Role

The Grand Canyon Trust supports tribal communities in their efforts to protect natural and cultural resources. Through the Intertribal Gatherings process, we bring together tribal leaders from across the plateau to discuss priorities shared between tribes, and to begin implementing conservation strategies related to those priorities. Gathering participants have so far identified four critical areas of interest: protection of sacred places; protection of sacred water; preservation of language and culture; and revitalization of health through traditional farming. For each goal, Gathering participants have created tangible, tribal-led solutions and begun to implement them. In addition, the Trust is helping tribal communities create economic development plans and projects that diversify economies, shifting dependence away from geriatric and polluting coal mines and power plants.

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Our Solutions

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Inter-tribal Gatherings

We utilize culturally derived meeting protocols to organize elders, youth, and cultural leaders from Plateau tribal nations to jointly create and support strong community partnerships working to restore water resources, preserve ancient farming practices and food systems, rebuild healthy communities, and protect sacred cultural resources.

Resilient Tribal economies

We work with tribal communities to create innovative economic development initiatives.  Recently, we have joined forces with seven Western Navajo Nation Chapters and local entities to organize economic development activities, including ecotourism, launch a jointly-owned social entrepreneurship venture, and secure investment. 

Protecting Sacred Places

Sacred sites across the Colorado Plateau serve as pillars of tribal emergence stories, ceremonies, and offerings. We help the Plateau’s first peoples protect these sites, as well as places used for medicine-gathering, hunting, and cultural activities, by building capacity and creating inter-tribal partnerships to support culturally-guided conservation. 

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