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In 2016, the Grand Canyon Trust convened legal and political experts, conservationists, artists, theologians, and thinkers to reimagine the ecological, cultural, and spiritual narratives of America's public lands.

Public Lands Gathering - About the Intercessions (Video)

Public Lands Gathering - About the Intercessions (Video)
Todd Triplett

Majesty, mystery, and democratic optimism

We hope these open, honest, and unscripted vignettes will inspire new levels of public support for these places of majesty, mystery, and democratic optimism. Meet some of the public lands gatherings participants ›

Public Lands Gathering - Our Public Lands

Public Lands Gathering - Our Public Lands

Common ground

Largely located in the American West, 640 million acres of public lands including national parks, national mouments, and national forests, belong to all Americans. “Common ground” is not merely an aspirational ideal, but a literal truth at the heart of our democracy.

Public Lands in the News


Beauty is a soft word, and up against a history of hard words — injustice, genocide, ecocide — how can we allow a soft word in?

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Utah’s politicians can hardly wait to get their hands on our public lands.

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President Obama designates historic Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah. Native American tribes will help manage the new monument.

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Stand up for your public lands today.
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