Sarana Riggs

Grand Canyon Program Manager

Sarana Riggs - favorites

Plateau Favorites
  • Vasey's Paradise
  • North of Navajo Mountain, Utah
  • Standing on top of Black Mesa
Interests & Hobbies
  • Rafting 
  • Spending time in the Grand Canyon
  • Photography
Little-Known Facts
  • I am terrified of worms, centipedes, and all bugs
  • I am certified in hazardous waste cleanup and remediation

Sarana's Blog


Native voices set the tone for the next era of Grand Canyon National Park in this collection of stories about cultural identities, histories, and ties to the Grand Canyon.

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How can one dam, let alone two, stop teachings, prayers, and oral traditions?

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As Grand Canyon National Park turns 100, Native knowledge and culture needs to be more involved in the next 100 years of park management.

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